Rescue Spotlight: My Animals Rock

My Animals Rock, Inc., is a non-profit organization, staffed by volunteers, dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned pets, and finding these animals loving forever homes. My Animals Rock is also committed to preventing cruelty to animals, are advocates of spay and neuter, and work to educate the public about the humane treatment of animals, and the problem of pet overpopulation in the United States. Located in south Florida, this organization is not a shelter; the animals they assist are either in a foster home, a boarding facility or still at an animal shelter. My Animals Rock has rescued over 100 dogs just since last July.

If you are in the south Florida area and would like to adopt a pet, My Animals Rock’s website has a list of adoptable dogs and cats you can review.  If you see a pet you would like to adopt, simply print out and complete their online adoption form. If you are not able to adopt, there are lots of other ways you can help. You can volunteer to assist with fundraising, foster a pet in your home, or help by transporting dogs and cats from shelters to their new homes. My Animals Rock gladly accepts your tax-deductible monetary contribution. PetMeds was proud to help support My Animals Rock with a donation of pet supplies.

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