Rescue Spotlight: Pet Stop Rescue

Pet Stop Rescue is a non-profit organization based in Ventura County, CA.  They are dedicated to promoting animal welfare, and rescuing pets and placing them in loving forever homes.  The pets are rescued from kill shelters and other situations in which the pets are abandoned, unwanted or mistreated.  Most of these pets live in foster homes until they can be adopted into their permanent new home. During this time, Pet Stop Rescue provides veterinary care, including spaying and neutering.

Pet Stop Rescue’s website has a list of pets currently available for adoption that you can browse. If you are interested in one of the available pets, contact Pet Stop Rescue so you can meet the potential adoptee. Pet Stop Rescue will do a home check and will bring your new pet to you.

How can you help?  Pet Stop Rescue is always in need of your tax-deductible donation, or you can sponsor an animal in need. You can also donate supplies such as pet food, toys, litter boxes and other supplies. PetMeds was proud to support this rescue with a donation of pet supplies.

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  • ann bonari says:

    Hi, I just rescued another cat myself….I have 2 cats but I heard another unfamiliar meow inside my home……I couldn’t find where it was coming from but then discovered that it was coming from my heater vent in the kitchen. I took off the cover drop some dry food down there, she ate it and when it was gone she climed up into my kitchen.. I’m in a house and live by apartments. I’ve already rescue one kitty, got his shots and neutered…Now i have 2 cats on social security disability and as much as I love animals I cannot afford another one…She’s very pleasant and likes other cats, although my cats don’t care for her much. I’m in Reno nevada. Do you know of a rescue organization that can help this kitty. She’s on my deck in a kitty home and I feed and water her…But can’t bring her inside….Help please =)

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