Safety of Pet Toys: A Wake-Up Call for Pet Owners

Giving toys to your pet is not only fun, but it is a necessity to keep your dog entertained and happy.  However, when you are about to purchase a toy for your pet, you should think of safety first, fun second. There are countless cases of accidents caused by unsafe dog toys that lead to medical intervention and even death.  Here are a few things you should be aware of to determine whether the toy you are considering is safe for your pet:

Choose your pet's toys wisely to avoid accidents or injury to your beloved pet.

The Hazards of Playfulness

You might be wondering why vets and animal trainers advise against giving tennis balls to large breeds. That’s because it is a choking hazard to these dogs. If you don’t want to see your German Shepherd choking on a tennis ball, then do not allow him to play with them.

When buying a toy for your dog, you must look for trap holes or places where something such as your dog’s tongue or paw can get entangled with or trapped within.  There has been a report about a dog that was taken to the vet because its tongue got trapped in such a toy.  Much to the pet parent’s dismay, the tongue had to be removed.  Remember, that a small breed can be a chewer of playthings much like big dogs can “baby” soft toys.

Aside from those hazards and injuries, dogs can also get poisoned from the toys you give them.  The chemicals and dyes that make up the toy can also be harmful to its health. Some China products have been recalled lately because they contain cancerous agents and even poisons.  Dogs tend to play by putting toys into their mouths, and licking and chewing, which is how the toxins are ingested.

Always choose toys that are appropriate for the size, activity level and life-stage of your dog. Monitor your dog’s toys regularly for signs of wear.  Avoid toys with small parts that can be chewed off and swallowed.  Getting “green” toys is the way to go to prevent your dog from getting in contact with harmful chemicals. Also, with the expenditure that pet owners pour into their beloved furry friends, companies are now in the process of making more environment-friendly toys.

Toys are an important part of your dog’s overall well-being.  Just choose wisely to ensure the health and safety of your beloved pet.

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