PetMeds Spotlight: Why dogs Scoot across the floor

Today’s PetMeds spotlight is on why dogs scoot across the floor.  There is a common misconception that if a dog is exhibiting that type of behavior, that it is as a result of worms, tapeworms, or another type of gastrointestinal parasite.  While it is possible, it is a very small possibility that this is causing the behavior.  More than likely your pet needs to have it’s anal sack expressed.   There are 2 sacks located at the base of your dog’s behind that release a fluid when going to the bathroom.  The fluid’s smell is not pleasant, but it is unique to each dog.  This is the reason dogs smell each other’s behind when they first meet, it lets them identify one another.  A professional groomer or your vet is the best option to having them expressed and relieve the discomfort your dog has and why it is scooting across the floor.

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