Set Up Your Own “Cat TV” Viewing Station

While it is widely accepted that cats confined safely indoors live longer, healthier lives, the drawback is that indoor cats can become bored, especially when the rest of the family is off at work all day leaving kitty alone for most of the day. In the wild, a cat will devote a large portion of time to hunting for food.  With a full food dish removing the necessity to hunt for food, your cat gets little exercise or mental stimulation. One way you can enrich your cat’s environment is to set up a bird-watching station to provide your cat hours of viewing entertainment. Your indoor cat and the birds will benefit.  Some tips for setting up your own cat TV station:

  • Select a good bird-viewing window; cats especially appreciate a sunny spot so consider a window that gets lots of sunshine.
  • Research the types of birds in your area that you’d like to attract, and select the appropriate feeder and bird seed accordingly. Set up the bird feeder as close to your cat’s eye level as possible. If you have free-roaming cats in the neighborhood, be sure to place the bird feeders high enough so the feeding birds are safe from attack.
  • Set up a comfy perch for your cat.  There are cat window perches made specifically to be mounted in windowsills, and for extra luxury, consider a heated window perch. You can also use a cat tree or even a simple chair will do.
  • Keep the feeder filled both for the sake of the birds that will grow to depend on the feeder, and so your cat always has something to watch.
  • As an extra treat, consider adding a bird bath and/or a nesting box.
  • If you elect to open the windows during the warmer months, be sure screens are securely fastened.
  • Plant shrubbery that is attractive to butterflies for even more cat viewing pleasure

You might find that you enjoy watching cat TV just as much as your cat does!

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