Shelter Spotlight:

The website has information and photos of dogs and cats available for adoption.

A group of concerned citizens got together, looking for a way to help the dogs and cats in the shelters in their area.  This led to the creation of the website, which they maintain in order to help more pets find a Forever home.  Their website has links to adoptable dogs and adoptable cats currently available at Athens-Clark County Animal Control.

If you are interested in adopting one of the available cats or dogs, go to the Athens-Clark County Animal Control to fill out an application.  In most cases, you can pick up your newly adopted pet the same day you complete the application. If the dog or cat you wish to adopt still needs to be spayed or neutered, the procedure can usually be done the next day, unless it is a weekend.

How else can you help? They are looking for volunteers willing to visit Athens-Clark Animal Control to interact with the pets such as walking the dogs, playing with the cats, and bathing the dogs.  Monetary donations, as well as donations of items such as food, treats, toys and cat litter, are always welcome.

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