Shelter Spotlight: Friends of Falmouth Dogs

Friends of Falmouth Dogs is a non-profit corporation located in Falmouth, MA.

Friends of Falmouth Dogs is a non-profit corporation located in Falmouth, MA.  Their operation began in 1990 when a small group of volunteers decided to help stray and abandoned dogs in their community. They began by simply trying to improve the quality of lives of the dogs in the dog pound by taking them for walks.

Since those early days, they have created an adoption program which is operated out of the dog pound.  A new shelter was opened in 2001, and there have also been a number of wonderful enhancements such as a Memorial Garden and a dog playground complete with agility equipment.  Since the group began more than 10 years ago, over 1,000 dogs have been adopted!

Friends of Falmouth Dogs looks to match each dog with the best home. Should you decide to adopt one of the available dogs, all family members, including other dogs, are introduced to the dog at the animal control center.  If the meeting is successful, the potential adopter will complete the adoption application. The next step is a home visit to help confirm this will be a good match for the dog and adopting family. Finally, the Directors of the Friends of Falmouth Dogs make the final decision regarding whether to approve the adoption.

You can help this non-profit corporation with a monetary donation, or contribution of supplies.  They also rely on volunteers to provide assistance at their facility, as well as to provide temporary foster homes for dogs not suited to kennel living.

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