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MeoowzResQ is a 100% volunteer ran, non-profit organization that rescues kittens and cats in the Southern California area. Since the organization’s conception, they have rescued and found homes for over 25,000 kittens! In 2017 alone, they adopted out over 2,700 cats and kittens.

Depending on the time of year, MeoowzResQ shelters anywhere between 500 and 1000 cats. Their cats come from many different situations. They often rescue kittens from shelters that are on the brink of closing. Their cats also come from people who have rescued them from fires or found them abandoned in boxes on sidewalks.

MeoowzResQ takes on a lot of medical cases concerning cats with eye problems and broken legs as well. If a younger kitten has a medical issue that can be fixed by an operation, and has the potential to live a long happy life, MeoowzResQ will fix them up and find them a forever home. They have also financially assisted other rescues who cannot afford to pay for these types of medical treatments.

What makes MeoowzResQ unique is that they are 100% foster based, and they are one of the few rescues that supply everything to their foster parents. All food and litter as well as all necessary medical treatments are covered by the rescue. They only ask their fosters to give the cats love and transport them to vet appointments and adoption events.

MeoowzResQ hosts a number of different events throughout the year in their area. Every November they host their annual fundraiser, “Meoowz & Merlot”. You can find out more information about this event on the MeoowzResQ website.


Meet Arizona!

“After a 400-mile “ride” as a stowaway in the undercarriage of a pickup truck from Arizona to California, I am looking for my new California forever home! I am a two-year old neutered male. I am mellow, affectionate, and love to be talked to and given attention. I love catnip toys and have great fun tossing my toy crab into the air with my two polydactyl front paws (six-toes each – a “Hemingway” cat). My foster-mom says I have a Peppy-Le-Pew tail, which I love to show off. I am a hearty eater and love my prescription Purina UR cat food – both wet and dry. I need this specialty food exclusively to keep me healthy and free from urinary blockages. I would love to be your faithful, loving companion for many, many years to come.”


If you would like to adopt one of the cats at MeoowzResQ that are looking for a home, please visit their website’s adoptable cat’s page here and submit an adoption application. MeoowzResQ can be contacted via email at or call 714-997-0868.

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