Simple, Inexpensive Cat Toys

Simple, inexpensive toys can make playtime more fun for your cat.

Regular playtime with your cat can help your kitty stay active, agile and happy, and it’s also a great opportunity for bonding with you.  Expensive cat toys are not necessary; many cat owners have noticed that often, their cat enjoys the cardboard box more than the gift itself.  Even though my own cat has a toybox filled with fancy cat toys, she is just as happy to bat around a crumpled piece of paper.  What are some simple, inexpensive cat toys you can give your cat?

  • Paper bags:  Just make sure to remove any handles so your cat doesn’t accidentally get her head stuck inside.
  • Catnip toys:   You can take any scrap of fabric and place a bit of catnip inside, and tie a knot in the fabric.  You can also use a strip from an old sock that you have worn just long enough for your scent to get on, as the sense of smell is important to cats.
  • Milk jug rings: Many cats enjoy chasing the plastic ring from around the top of a milk jug.  Be sure to supervise your cat to ensure she doesn’t chew up and swallow bits of the ring.
  • Ping-Pong balls: My cat especially enjoys playing with this in a bathtub so her “prey” is captive.  Try putting a Ping-Pong ball inside a small box with a paw-sized hole cut into it so your cat can reach inside the box for the ball.
  • Paper: A simple wadded-up ball of paper makes enticing skittering noises as your cat bats it across the floor.   My own cat loves playing with the sheets of tissue paper that come inside gift boxes.
  • Empty cardboard boxes:  Most cats love cardboard boxes of every size.  You can cut holes for your cat to peer out of.
  • Pipe cleaners:  Bend them into fun, insect-like shapes.

To keep your cat’s toys fun and exciting, be sure to rotate them regularly so they become “new” again.

What simple, inexpensive toys does your cat enjoy?

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  • Moggie's mom says:

    Moggie likes it when a small hole is made in the paper bag so she can look out. Just like you suggest be done with empty cardboard boxes.

  • Abby PetMeds Pro says:

    It seems like most cats cannot resist peering out of a small opening!

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