Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Today’s PetMeds Spotlight is on keeping things simple.  Your pets are intelligent creatures, but it’s important to realize the type of intelligence they possess. 

My 3 year old son keeps asking for our dog Nala to partake in certain activities; time to brush your teeth, go wash your hands, put on your shoes, etc., “Nala has to brush her teeth too”, he will say, to which I respond, “Nala has no thumbs, how can she hold the toothbrush?”.  We chuckle on our way to brushing his teeth, but it’s important to remember that Nala needs that kind of care too.  The simplicity of a pet is in it’s maintenance; proper ear care, no infections; proper dental care, no extractions, etc.

A few simple steps taken regularly can really impact the quality of life you and your pet will enjoy for years to come.

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