PetMeds Spotlight: Skin Conditions in dogs

Today’s Spotlight is on skin conditions. There are several types of skin ailments that can effect our best friends and in almost every case, most are caused by either parasites, allergies, or another illness.

Nutrition plays a big part in most of these ailments as an unhealthy diet can weaken the immune system and allow what would ordinarily go away on it’s own, to get out of control and have a dog scratching themselves to no end. Mange is an excellent example of this as most dogs with a weakened immune system tend to be partial to it’s hold but it can be reversed certain medications and a nutritional diet.

If your dog has an odor or can’t seem to stop scratching an ear or biting their toes, ask your veterinarian to check for a yeast infection or allergies.

Skin problems are easier to recognize in short hair dogs, but with long hair dogs, things can get out of hand before you notice, and begin losing hair.

The good news is that most skin conditions easily respond to simple treatments, but always check with your vet first to properly diagnose the issue to ensure effective treatment.

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