Spotlight on Assistance Dogs: Freedom Paws

Most people are familiar with the wonderful benefits a service dog can provide a person in need, but have you ever wondered where these service dogs come from? Freedom Paws Assistance Dogs is one such organization that is dedicated to breeding, raising and placing service dogs. Founded by Tera Jurrens, Freedom Paws raises service dogs, skilled companion dogs, hearing dogs, diabetic alert dogs, emotional support dogs and facility dogs.

Each Freedom Paws puppy is given specialized attention from birth. At eight weeks of age, the puppy goes into a home with a volunteer puppy raiser located across the United States, where the puppy lives until 14-16 months of age, after which the puppy receives advanced training at Freedom Paws. The next step is a 1-2 week training camp where the client works with their new assistance dog. Freedom Paws continues to work with the service dog over the dog’s working career.

If you are interested in helping, Freedom Paws is always looking for people to become volunteer puppy raisers. Or, if you’re located in the Ohio area, you can volunteer to help with dog walking or bathing, puppy petting, sewing identification vests, etc. It costs over $15,000 to produce one of these service dogs, and this non-profit organization gratefully accepts your tax-deductible monetary donation. PetMeds was proud to help support this organization with a donation of pet supplies.

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