PetMeds Spotlight:Tabby Town USA, Inc

Tabby Town USA, Inc., was started by Ted & Marie Glover of Westby, WI in the fall of 2003. Their son was heading off to college and wanted a kitten of his own, so the family visited the local shelter. Although there were no kittens there at the time for Dennis, a young female tortie caught their attention by reaching out through the bars of her stark cage, pleading for some attention. Apparently, she had been taken to the facility after being hit by a car about six weeks prior to that, but hadn’t been seen by a vet. Within minutes, “Tripod” was in the family car heading to Westby to begin the rest of her life. Tripod’s leg could not be saved, she has permanent damage to her mouth, and it took a year for her to heal. She is now a permanent resident of Tabby Town, and oftentimes greets visitors, always begging for treats!

After the visit to the shelter, Marie began volunteering there in an effort to make life better for the cats. (Back then, the shelter was more of a city pound, and life for the cats there was merely a meager existence ~ oftentimes bitter cold, generally dark, very lonely, and ear-piercing from the constant barking of dogs.) It wasn’t long before Marie started bringing home weak kittens who would otherwise have died and highly stressed pregnant cats who more than likely would have prematurely aborted their babies. She found it utterly heart-wrenching to see so many cats caged for too many long hours day after day, month after month. She knew she had to do more for the cats, so she talked with Ted and they decided that they should open their own rescue, albeit their home, where the cats would be safe, always warm and know love. By the middle of 2004, Marie quit her job to manage the rescue full-time, which is proudly called Tabby Town. Marie has never gotten paid for her work and the Glovers still struggle to make ends meet. She lives by her favorite saying, I rescue cats…my work is never done and my home is never quiet. My wallet is always empty, but my heart is always full.

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