PetMeds Spotlight: Tethering your pet

Today’s spotlight is on “tethering” or chaining your pet to a stationary point for an extended period of time.

On August 12th, 1997, The U.S. Department of Agriculture amended the Animal Welfare Act regulations, disallowing tethering as a means of primary enclosure for dogs.

“We don’t believe putting a dog on a tether provides adequate housing under any circumstances,” said Michael V. Dunn, USDA’s assistant secretary for marketing and regulatory programs.

There are many things that can occur that can bring harm to the pet while tethered including another animal coming into the space and harming the pet, or an object may entangle the tether and can cause strangulation.

Tethering your pet should never be allowed unsupervised, but can be done for short periods of time in the presence of the owner to ensure no harm can occur.

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