The Benefits of Adopting Your Next Pet from a Shelter

Looking to add a new furry companion to your family? Your best option of finding the dog or cat of your dreams might actually be choosing to adopt from your local animal shelter or rescue. Some people have the misperception that the dogs or cats found in the shelter have health or behavior problems, that there is not a good assortment of pets to choose from, or that it’s difficult to adopt a pet from a shelter. In reality, most pets find themselves in a shelter through no fault of their own. You can find a great assortment of dogs and cats of every kind at your local shelter, even purebreds. Shelter pets are just as loyal, loving, playful, smart and deserving of a good home as any other pet.  In fact, many people find that shelter pets are extra-appreciative of finding a loving home.  Some benefits of adopting vs. shopping for your next pet:

  • You can actually save two lives with one adoption: the life of the dog you rescued, as well as the space you are creating in the shelter for another homeless pet.
  • You know just what you’re getting. The shelter workers will be able to tell you about the personality and temperament of the dog or cat you’re interested in adopting and if you adopt a full-grown pet, you already know just how big he’ll be.
  • You can save money, too. The minimal adoption fee charged by most shelters is a bargain considering that it typically covers the cost of spaying or neutering, vaccinations, deworming and microchipping.
  • You’ll feel great knowing that you have done your part to help solve the pet overpopulation problem.

If you are considering adopting your next pet, you can learn some simple tips on making the adoption process go smoothly. Here at PetMeds, we wholeheartedly support pet adoption. If you have a pet rescue or adoption story, we’d love to hear about it and feature your pet’s rescue or adoption story on our blog here. Just email PetMeds at and share your pet’s adoption story and a photo or two of your own rescue dog or cat.

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