The Easy Way to Help Your Cat Have A Great Christmas

Surveys show that the majority of pets will wake up to find at least one present with their name on it under the tree. Shopping for, wrapping and helping your four-legged family member to open a special gift is one of the joys of the holiday season. I myself have already purchased a couple of catnip toys for my cats, and even my mom buys a gift or two for her “grandcats.” In fact, even my gerbils have a gift waiting for them under the tree. However, if you’re a cat guardian, you already know the secret of holiday gift-giving: most cats prefer the box and gift wrap to the actual gift!

No matter how enticing the present, cats are just drawn to boxes and crinkly, shiny paper. While it can be disappointing to pick out just the right gift for your finicky feline, only to find your cat ignores the gift and heads straight for the box or the discarded wrapping paper, use this behavior to your advantage. Once the gift-opening begins, set aside a few cat-sized boxes filled with tissue paper just for your cat. This will help keep your cat entertained and not underfoot during the Christmas morning chaos. You can still buy a fun gift or two, and many cats find that the combination of a small toy placed inside a box to bat around is irresistible. Even better, sprinkle some potent catnip in the bottom of a box and watch the fun.

Maybe the favorite holiday of cats isn’t Christmas but Boxing Day!

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