PetMeds Spotlight: The importance of Heartworm prevention

Today’s PetMeds Spotlight is on Heartworm Prevention.  Many times, people with multiple pets, will skip heartworm prevention either because of the cost, or because they had previous animals that never had it.  This is troubling because the cost of the exam and the medication can be as little as $100 per year, and to say that your pets have never had it is the same as saying that after 20 years of safe driving, you don’t need to wear a seat belt any longer.

Heartworm preventative is exactly as it’s stated, a preventative, and many of them prevent more than just heartworm adding value to it’s cost.  The treatment can be expensive for dogs and there is no approved method of treatment for cats.

Next time your at your vet’s office, ask about the different heartworm preventatives and which is right for your pet.

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