The Rescue Story of Buddy

Jeannie L. shares the rescue story of Buddy the Papillon:

Buddy, a Papillon, was rescued from a puppy mill

This is Buddy.  He is a Papillon.  I rescued Buddy at a foster home in NY.  Buddy was found in Ohio in a puppy mill.  He was a puppy mill stud.  We are unsure of his age as a lot of his teeth are missing due to being in a cage all his life.  He has the classic wide paws from adapting to the wire cage he was forced to live in with many other dogs.  He was shipped to NY with a female.  Their original names were Lois and Clark.  Lois was adopted right away.  The woman that was fostering him had many small dogs to be adopted.  When I found him he had fleas, worms and was very underweight.  I saw a diamond in the rough.  He was so sweet.  When I picked him up he melted in my arms and soaked up whatever love he was getting at that moment.  I hated to leave him there but I needed to talk to my husband about him as we already owned a papillon and I was unsure if he wanted to take on a rescue dog.  When we finally agreed to do this I drove right over there to pick him up.

Buddy is happy to have a loving forever home

He has been a part of our family for 6 months now and he is such a joy.  Buddy and Roxie (our other papillon) get along wonderfully.  When other dogs are around Roxie protects him.  He still loves to soak up the affection and we love giving it to him.  It was the best decision I’ve made!  Not one regret!

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