The Rescue Story of Cosmo, Angie and Comet

Today, Dawn M. shares her rescue story about Cosmo, Angie and Comet:

Cosmo and Angie, happy to be adopted together!

Back in August of 2008, my sister Jennifer and I took a walk.  We wound up at our favorite place in The Shops at Atlas Park Mall in Glendale, New York, Bobbi and the Strays.  When we arrived we noticed two poodles in one cage together.

They were brought in to BATS because a caring person noticed them in the pouring rain tied to a pole in a yard.  When found, they were soaked, starving, and badly matted, not having been groomed ever in their lives.  They were senior dogs and had to be adopted out together since they had been mates their whole lives. Roberta Giordano, (Bobbi) knew this was going to be a challenge.

A few months later, after Bobbi and The Strays annual Halloween party, my other sister and I went back to BATS to volunteer.  When we got there, I noticed the tan poodle in his cage – but the white one was not there.  I asked Bobbi if someone adopted one and not the other.  No she said.  The white one was sick with a cold and had to stay in the back room so the other dogs did not get sick too.  She said it was to be a double adoption with them or they were to stay at the shelter to live out their lives, since BATS is a 100% no kill shelter.  She was very adamant about that.  Who can blame her?   She said they would most likely die of pining if they were separated.

I asked her if I could hold Cosmo, the tan one, because he looked lonely in the cage.  She said yes so I held that little guy for hours.  I walked him too.  When it came time for me to leave, putting him back in his cage was heartbreaking.  When I got home, I spoke to my sister, Jennifer, about fostering the two poodles.  We knew we could not adopt them because we already had two dogs of our own.  We both decided that fostering them would be the best thing for everyone.

We fostered them at our home on the weekends.  The second weekend we fostered, we could only take Cosmo because his sister, Angie, was getting fixed at the vet.  When we brought Cosmo back the second weekend, my sister lost it and could not put Cosmo back in his cage.

It was so heartbreaking returning him to a cage so I turned to my sister and said “Jennifer, if you want to adopt them, we will adopt them.”  “I want to adopt them!” she replied. When I went over to Bobbi and told her we wanted both dogs, she was so happy.  Nobody had wanted them.  One reason was because it was a double adoption; the other was because they were older dogs.   None of that mattered to us because we know they had a “ruff” life before Bobbi and we wanted them to have the best life ever going forward.  Our other two dogs did not even mind the new members to the household either.

Comet joined Cosmo and Angie to become part of Dawn's family

Three years after adopting Cosmo and Angie, we were at Bobbi’s Atlas shelter and saw that a little white dog, Comet, was brought in by someone who found him wandering the express way.  This poor guy was only 4 pounds at the time and missing all the hair on his tail.  He had no teeth or jaw bone.

He had arrived at the same time Hurricane Irene was approaching New York.  Bobbi also has a shelter in Freeport Long Island and she needed to evacuate that shelter because of serious flood warnings for that area.  Most of the Freeport animals had to be brought to Atlas and she needed volunteers to foster the Atlas dogs and cats to make room.  My sister Jennifer and I decided to help by fostering Comet.

We fostered Comet for a while too.  Then one day we got the call that we had to bring him back because there was a family interested in adopting him.  I’m not going to lie, but it stung a little when we brought him back.  We did not go back to the adoption center for a while because we did not want to see Comet in a cage after he was living with us in a home.  But we found out that the people who were interested in him never showed up.  Well then we knew that there was only one place for him to live and immediately started the adoption procedure. People call us crazy for having five dogs.  They are right about one thing.  We are crazy – crazy in love.  We can’t thank Bobbi and her staff and volunteers enough for saving animals like these and giving them a second chance at life and a second chance to love and trust!!!

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