The Rescue Story of Hank

This week, Margaret and Garrett share the rescue story of Hank:

Hank is a handsome yellow labrador/ golden retriever mix

I found our dog at a military yard sale website saying yellow labrador/ golden retriever mix free to a good home. When we first saw him he was so playful and well mannered and took to us instantly. His bones were showing and he would not eat or drink when we got him home. His gums were white and the inside of his eyelids. We took him to the vet the next day and found he had hookworms, whipworms, and roundworms. He weighed 45 lbs at that point. Poor thing was near death! We saw where they kept him in a 5×5 caged fence with no shelter, food, or water. He also had a “brother” that bit him leaving a scar under his eye almost blinding him and a chipped top canine tooth that will eventually decay. We could also tell he was abused because when we would say no to something or walk towards him fast, he would roll on his back and potty. We spent a lot of time with him giving him the love and attention he desperately craved, walking, training, and brain stimulation.

Hank is happy to have a loving Forever home

Now he is the greatest dog you could ask for; not saying he was not before but he was depressed from being mistreated. He loves everyone and thinks he is a spoiled lap dog. He is just so loving and attentive to our feelings. You can not tell that he was ever mistreated in his life and is so glad we saved him. So now he is 80lbs and very happy! ~Margaret & Garrett

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  • Jeannie says:

    it was fate that you found him! He is a lucky dog!

  • Dawn Carr says:

    Margaret and Garrett,

    Thank you for being patient and loving. I know how hard it can be to rehab mistreated animals. Your kindness saved a wonderful “little” lap dog. I am going through a lot of the same motions with a Jack Russell named Howard. He was punched, kicked, and even thrown to the ground. Since I have been fostering him he has done a complete turn around and is a wonderful little guy. I only hope he finds as loving of a home as Hank has.

  • Kim Morgan says:

    You are angels of life for that sweet guy, and I applaud your humanity! Of course, it is a bittersweet story because of all of those that never find that kind of love in this life, but I am happy to hear about the one that did! Bravo!

  • gina says:

    That’s awesome! It breaks my heart to hear/see animals being mistreated. But I love hearing about times like this when a kind heart takes in an abused animal and “brings them back to life”! Thanks!!

  • Margaret Cappi says:

    He is now 12 years old and still the best friend on this planet! He has been here for us all these years & we do everything together. He still runs & plays like he did the day we first met him 11 years ago. Sure he is turning white now in his face, but time has not slowed him down one bit. He’s still very smart, very active, & very healthy. He gets to run wild at the forest reserves while fetching sticks..He always stops & looks back to wait for me to catch up to him. His favorite past time is swimming in Lake Michigan during summer. We cuddle & play inside during our harsh winters, but he prefers to play in the snow too. He sleeps in bed with us every night & hogs it lol, but we don’t mind. We feed him lots of veggies, fruit, cooked organic meat, & blue buffalo wilderness with daily greenies & joint supplements. He has 100+ squeaky & furry “babies” as well as balls & he treats them all with care. Only down side to him is excessive licking..he’s dopamine addicted lol. He’s always kind to strangers, children, & other animals..even to my rabbit & turtle. You say tell me, he responds with a happy bark. He holds treats on his nose & flips them. He knows every trick in the book & even trained him to open doors & flip light switches. He will find everything you hide, even when we put him in another room & pick the hardest places. He will hug & give sugar when told. He sits on his back legs to shake for snacks. He will tell u what hand the snack is in when you say what hand is it..He points with his paw when your hands are behind your back & every time he’s right, even if we switch the hand. He takes treats gently from your lips without biting. He’s never been aggressive to anyone, animal, or around food. You could get in his face & kiss him while he’s eating because he’s just one in a million. He will cuddle all day too if you need him to & not show any bad behavior what so ever. He completely trusts us, even after what he’s been through. He does everything we ask & everything we need. He’s naturally a service animal to my veteran husband who has PTSD, has helped me battle through bipolar disorder & borderline personality disorder, & he snaps my sister in law out of seizures. A lot of people can say there dog is perfect, but ours is literally a God send..No one could ever understand how much he truly has saved us, not the other way around. Spoiled for life because he absolutely deserves the world & more!

  • AKhoriaty says:

    We are so happy to hear such a wonderful update about Hank. What a good boy! Give him a big hug for us.
    ~ Abby, PetMeds Pro

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