The Rescue Stories of Moggie, 36 and PK

Prior to adopting Moggie at two years old from the Broward County Humane Society, I hated cats, since I had been bitten by one as a teenager. When my husband suggested we adopt a cat, I figured, “Ok, it will be his cat.” That was almost 8 years ago and pretty much since day one, this cat has owned me. I now love all things cat (ask my family, friends, co-workers), and our house is a cat lovers’ dream.

Also last year, we were asked to rescue a three-legged cat (he had been found in a Hialeah, FL parking lot dragging his now-amputated paw around; he was rescued and it was determined that the paw was too infected to save).  We named him 36, which is short for 36 inches (which is 3 feet – get it?) and he is now a little over one year old.  Late last year, a small orange kitten showed up outside our screened-in patio scraggly, tired, and hungry.  We took the little cutie in, and before the gender was determined, this sweetie was named PK (short for Pretty Kitty).  Turns out he is a he (but the name still fits, in our opinion), and at the time, was approximately 2 months old. He is now a happy, 6-month old and fortunately, all three get along well.

I never could have imagined loving cats as much as I love these three.  They are truly a credit to their species.

Thank you for sharing Moggie, 36 and PK’s rescue and adoption stories, Alison!

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