The Rescue Story of Socks and Lucky

This week, Briana shares the rescue story of Socks and Lucky:

After Lucky was rescued, he rescued another cat named Lucky

We took in a stray back in 2000. He was a little runt. He then said “I have such a good home here that I will bring home another cat who is not so lucky.” So he brought home a friend. So I guess maybe even a rescued cat can rescue a cat. We have named them Socks and, yes, Lucky. Socks because he has white on his legs and Lucky because she was lucky to come to our house. We believe that she was abused by her previous owners. She is afraid of boys and men. Right now as I am typing this story Lucky is just laying on my bed next to me. She stays in my room for most of the day.  She usually goes into “grandma’s room” to “visit” her pals. We have two other cats in the room besides Socks.

Thank you for sharing Socks and Lucky’s rescue story with us, Briana! Want us to feature your own rescue dog or cat? It’s easy! Just email PetMeds at Be sure to tell us your pet’s adoption story, what makes your rescue pet special, and include a few photos of your special dog or cat.

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