The Rescue Story of Zoey

This week, Debbie shares Zoey’s rescue story:

Zoey the Chihuahua in her Forever home

Zoey came to my family by way of my cousin; he knew someone that had 3 Chihuahuas that they didn’t want, so he wanted his mom (my Aunt) to pick one. These people came to my Aunt’s home carrying a pet carrier with 3 Chi’s inside.  All 3 puppies were very skinny, they were all brothers and sisters all the same color (Fawn), all were so scared and terrified to come out of the carrier. As my Aunt picked them up one by one to hold them, Zoey seemed to be a little more affectionate.

Zoey was the most affectionate of the litter of 3 someone was giving away

My Aunt was so torn between them all, because she wanted to take all the dogs but just couldn’t, so she decided on little 6 month old Zoey which was named something else, she changed her name.  My Aunt says she prayed that the other puppies would live because they were all too thin.  As soon as the people left, my Aunt threw out the carrier, because my Aunt said Zoey seemed to run in and hide, and didn’t want to come out or try to be socialable..she thought that Zoey had spent a lot of her first 6 months in that carrier.

Debbie met Zoey when Zoey was about a year old

I met Zoey when she was about a year old and I fell in love with her because she was so lovable and shy.  My Aunt had told me her story and added that Zoey was so much more sociable that she had her and had gained weight. I asked for her, and my Aunt refused to give her to me… so I begged and pleaded which still didn’t help…so I came home and  prayed for days.  Then, about 6 months later I got a call from my Aunt asking me if I wanted her because she was a little overwhelmed with pets (2 Chi’s and 3 cats)…lol.   I was so happy I was walking on clouds for 1 1/2months till I got her right before Xmas of 2011.

Since then, Zoey has been fixed and had shots …and has gained even more weight…and learned tricks.  She is just a little blessing to our family.  She is still really shy with strangers but not with us.  We also had another Chihuahua named Coco that I have had since she was 3 weeks old.  Now she is almost 5, so Zoey had a doggie friend in her new home. If you want to see Zoey and Coco, go to YouTube titled My dogs Zoey and Coco (dark brown).

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