Thinking of Adopting a Rabbit for Easter?

Don't make an impulse decision to buy a rabbit for Easter.

Rabbits, with their long, floppy ears, soft fur and big eyes can be irresistibly cute. With Easter approaching, many people make an impulse decision to buy a bunny. However, once Easter is long past and the bunny is no longer a novelty, many rabbits end up being abandoned either at a shelter, or worse, released into the wild.  Domestic rabbits are not able to fend for themselves in the wild and rarely survive more than a few days.

Before you bring home a rabbit for Easter, you should do some research regarding what is involved in caring for a rabbit. Rabbits can make great pets, but they are not low-maintenance pets, and a rabbit can live anywhere from 8 to 12 years. Like dogs and cats, rabbits should be spayed or neutered for optimum health, and to prevent the male rabbits from spraying. Because rabbits are big chewers, you will need to “rabbit-proof” your house to prevent him from chewing on furniture, electrical cords, baseboards or furniture.

A rabbit can be a wonderful pet. However, if you are not sure you can make a lifelong commitment to a rabbit, choose a fluffy toy rabbit or chocolate rabbit for Easter instead.  After careful consideration, if you decide a rabbit is the right pet for you, consider adopting rather than buying.

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