PetMeds Spotlight: TriCounty Humane Society

Today’s PetMeds Spotlight is on TriCounty Humane, a true no-kill organization saving animals in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties. 

It’s not often that I get to donations in person, usually, I send donations all over the U.S. via FedEx; we support organizations that help animals with OTC products, like flea and tick preventatives, and try to help offset some of the expenses associated with rescue.

Monday morning I was included in a string of emails that began on Sunday that detailed a hoarding situation local to TriCounty, and they were going to receive 35 cats that were rescued, none of which were vaccinated, or spayed or neutered.  TriCounty had asked for a donation of flea preventative, and having donated to them previously, I was familiar with the organization and it’s location, but I was not prepared for what I encountered when I arrived.

This is a true “No-Kill” facility, all of the animals in their care are in terrific health, and they would not euthanise an animal, unless it was to end it’s suffering, and they do not transfer animals to other facilities that do not have a “No-Kill” commandment.

The dogs are separate from the cats, but the cats are free roaming, spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, and the facility is clean.  Someone is always walking one of the dogs, and I found out the Ms. Ruth volunteers her time in the cat area ensuring the cats are properly socialized.  She knew all of them by name, she was not just picking one of 100+ cats at random and telling me a story, Ms. Ruth really did know all of them and their story.  I was allowed to video my visit and can verify that she really was telling me their individual stories because when she left and someone else entered, they immediately sat down and allowed the varying cats to jump up on their lap and began telling me the individual cat’s story as well.

These people, that facility, cares what happens to those animals, they take the time to know and care for each one of them and if your lucky enough to visit the facility, whatever you do, don’t turn your back to Willow, a tortoiseshell in the main cat area, she will jump on your back to try to get a look at what could possibly be more interesting than her.

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