Trouble-Free Travels For You And Your Pet

It is always good to end the week with a relaxing trip out of town, or perhaps you plan to enjoy an extensive summer vacation away from home. Many pet parents opt to bring their pets with them, and traveling is often best enjoyed with company. In order to make the best of a weekend getaway, or a long trip by air, pet parents need to make necessary preparations to ensure that the trip will be trouble-free.

Make advance preparations so travel with your pet is safe and hassle-free.

Visit to the Vet – Check!

Pets should be clean and groomed for them to be fit to travel. Medicines and emergency kits must be on hand for them, too. Make sure your pet is up to date on any necessary vaccinations.  A trip to the veterinarian for a health check is a good idea, and your vet can give you advice for making traveling less stressful for both you and your pet.

Certificate to Travel – Check!

Your pet may be checked for diseases or illnesses, and fitness to travel. By air, a certificate to travel must be secured within ten days of travel.  You will need to decide if your pet will be checked as cargo, or if he is small enough to travel in an under-the-seat carrier in the cabin.

Proper ID on Carrier – Check!

Make sure you have a secure and appropriate carrier for your pet.  Pets are usually placed together in a separate room. Guard your own pet from the dangers of being lost or switched by placing a current photo on the carrier.  You should also place your name and contact information on the carrier.

Pet-Friendly Airline – Check!

Pets traveling in the cargo section of the plane fly in a temperature-controlled, pressurized hold. Most airlines are committed to ensuring safe travels for all pets. However, there have been previous reports about dogs dying in flight because of suffocation, or because of exposure to heat or cold. Many airlines have restrictions regarding pet travel during extreme temperatures (usually over 85 degrees, or under 35 degrees).  Try to book a non-stop flight, which is less stressful for both you and your pet.

Dog Collar – Check!

Be sure that your pet’s collar is properly attached and has current identification to ensure a quick reunion should your pet become lost or separated from his own carrier.

Proper planning can ensure that you enjoy a hassle-free vacation!

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