Using DNA Technology to Identify… Dog Poo?

Finding dog poo left in your yard by another dog can be frustrating, especially when you are conscientious about picking up after your own dog. Did you know that there is a technology that can accurately identify the doggie offender? A company called PooPrints, a division of BioPet Vet Lab, uses DNA to determine the source of the dog droppings. PooPrints notes that their program “…will reduce pet waste on your property by 75% or more, almost immediately.” How does the program work?

Communities, homeowner associations, apartment or condominium complexes, or property management groups sign up for the service. Residents are then notified of the program, are required to register their pets and provide a DNA sample of their pet via a mouth swab using the provided DNA collection kit. A profile is created for each dog, and the DNA is filed in a “DNA World Pet Registry.”  Once the program is in place, droppings can be sent to the company for analysis, using a special feces collection kit. The results will identify the canine offender, and the irresponsible dog owner can be punished with a fine or warning.

The majority of pet owners are responsible, and carry a poopy pack to pick up after their dog. Now there is a way to accurately identify those irresponsible pet owners who choose to allow their dog to leave a mess behind. Hopefully, such programs will foster a greater sense of pet responsibility as well as a cleaner community.

Do you think this program is a good idea, or an invasion or privacy?

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  • mj says:

    Pet owners that cant be bothered to pick up after their dog Is definately not going to bother sending in a Dna sample of their dog!

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