Using New GPS Tracking Devices to Locate Lost Pets

Pet parents get worried sick when their pets wander off and do not find their way home.  Losing a pet, for many people, is like losing a best friend.  Pets are considered a part of the family for most owners; thus when they get lost, most pet parents go to great lengths to recover their cat or dog such as posting Lost Pet signs with their pet’s cutest photo.

New GPS tracking devices which clip onto your dog's or cat's collar can help reunite you with your pet.

There are about 77 million dogs in the US, and 10 million of these get lost every year.  Animals that find their way to animal shelters are usually missing or runaway pets.  The use of modern tracking technology can be a big help in tracking down a lost cat or dog.

The Role of Microchips on your Pets

Most people are already familiar with the use of microchips which are inserted under the skin of dogs or cats to identify them should they become lost.  Now, Qualcomm has made pet tracking so much easier; they are the same company that produced the chips used by Apple’s iPhone and Amazon’s Kindle devices.

Microchips have been used for a wide variety of devices and now they have made their way into the pet industry.  Chips with GPS technology track pets in real-time and can help pet owners and shelter managers in tracking down errant animals.  This new product is attached to your pet’s collar enabling you to look for and monitor your pet on your phone, laptop and computers

Your Virtual Leash

You can easily track your dog’s or cat’s whereabouts even if you’re not at home.  You can receive reports (depending on your settings on the GPS chip) if your pet has gone out of its safety zone. There are a couple of GPS trackers released in the market today, and one of the most popular is Qualcomm’s Tagg Pet Tracker.

To use the Tagg Tracker, you will need a mobile phone and a home computer.  You will then determine and program your pet’s “zone” where it is safe for your dog or cat to play and freely move about.  It can be as small as your home and yard or as wide as the entire neighborhood. If he gets out of that safety zone, you will get an email or text alert. This makes it easier for pet owners to know immediately if their pets are in danger of getting lost.

In cases of great risk of going missing (such as during a natural disaster or during travels to unfamiliar places), your GPS pet tracker can really help in pinpointing your pet’s location as long as the battery is charged.  These new devices are clipped directly onto the dogs’ or cats’ collars

Pet parents and shelters as well as the authorities find the use of such modern new gadgets of great help in tracking down and finding missing pets.

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