PetMeds Spotlight: Tips on making the trip to the Vet easier

Today’s PetMeds spotlight is on making the trip to the vet easier.  There are a few things you can do to make taking your pet to the vet less stressful.  For instance, if the vet’s office is close to you, consider a “dry run”.  Take your dog to the vet the day before it is scheduled to go, making the place a little more familiar to them and don’t forget to bring treats.  The positive reinforcement will make your pet anxious to go to the vet in a good way. 

If your pet is really stressed by leaving home, you can call ahead to your vet and sometimes be given something to help calm them down a few hours before the trip. 

Another tip is to leave a lot earlier for appointment than necessary so your pet can enjoy a car ride and calm down before entering the office.

Last tip is to make sure you don’t immediately feed your pet prior to the visit, being upset can cause tummy issues and make for an embarrassing mess.

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