PetMeds Spotlight: Walking with your dog at Night

Today’s PetMeds Spotlight is on walking with your dog at night.  It would seem like an easy thing to do, wear light clothes, maybe something reflective, and make sure to stay in your neighborhood.  There are some other things to consider. 

When walking your dog at night, you should always carry a flashlight.  This is for the benefit of your dog and yourself because you can turn on the flashlight and point it at your dog in the event of oncoming traffic, and if there might be something in the grass you don’t want your dog to ingest.  Someone throwing chicken bones out the window as they were driving can prove hazardous to your pet and can be avoided easily during the day, but may be a little more challenging at night.

Many people prefer to walk their dogs at night because of the heat, and the temperature of the street on their dog’s paws and there are less distractions for the dog, if your going to engage in any training.

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