Where Will Your Dog be During the Holidays?

With the holidays coming up, lots of dogs will find themselves surrounded by the unfamiliar walls of a boarding kennel with strange faces peering down at them. Imagine how scary and confusing that must be for them. If you absolutely must leave your dog behind while you travel, please take every precaution to be positive that you’re leaving your dog in good hands. There are many things to take into consideration when choosing a kennel for your beloved pooch:

  • The friendliness and willingness of the staff to meet your expectations.
  • The cleanliness of the facility.
  • The proximity to your home.
  • The attention your dog will receive.

What’s Important?
That’s a question that only you can answer. There are basic qualities that make one kennel stand out from the next, such as: ventilation, cleanliness, medical care, exercise, etc. There are still many other features that may be important to you before you make up your mind.

Some kennels offer grooming, personal play time, gourmet or organic meals, and even doggie spas. Depending on what you’re looking for, there are lots of options you may find important in a kennel. However, unless you live in a pretty large city, you may not have more than one or two options and your choices will probably be fairly bare bones since many of the ultra-posh kennels are in big cities.

Common kennels can be quite fine for your dog. A clean yard, a comfortable bed, a daily meal, and a run are all a dog really needs to be safe for a short time. Many towns will have at least one kennel like this for your dog. However, if you are looking for something spectacular to indulge your dog, you might find something really fancy if you look a little further out of town. Some kennels offer private “suites” with plush beds, supervised, private walks, gourmet meals, massages, and even television.

Just remember that no matter where you choose to leave your buddy, he will never have the attention that you give him. If it would break your heart to see him sitting alone in a room almost all the time, you are better off taking him with you or hiring a house sitter.

Hiring a House Sitter
This is a better option if you want your dog to remain as comfortable as possible while you are away. He won’t have the undue stress of relocating to a strange place filled with strange faces. Although he may have some separation anxiety because you will not be there, at least he still has the same familiar surroundings, beds, pet food, and toys at his disposal.

Before you choose a pet sitter, make sure they have references or qualities that you like. They should meet your pet ahead of time so you can make sure they will get along. Not only will a pet sitter keep your dog company and take him for walks a couple times a day, most will also provide other services such as bringing in your mail and watering your plants.

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