Why Adopting Two Cats Is Better Than One

If after careful consideration you have decided you’re ready to head down to your local shelter to adopt a cat, think about adopting two cats instead of one. Besides the obvious benefit of saving a second life, there are lots of reasons why getting two cats is often better than adopting a single cat:

  • You’ll get twice the fun with about the same amount of effort. You’re already feeding and cleaning the litter box for one cat, and adding a second cat to the mix doesn’t really add much additional work.
  • Even though there is a common misconception that cats are solitary animals, cats can get lonely or bored. Two cats will entertain each other while you’re gone reducing or eliminating the destructive behavior often caused by boredom.
  • Cats are territorial and it can be difficult to introduce a new cat to a cat that’s already established in your home. If you think you will eventually want two cats, it’s much easier to adopt and bring them home together at the same time.
  • Buy One Get One deals! Shelters often have special deals if you’re willing to adopt two cats together. Additionally, the shelter staff can help point you towards already-bonded pairs and cats that get along well with other cats.
  • Watching the interactions between two cats is entertaining, and the chasing/wrestling games will help your cats get more exercise than a lone cat would get.

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