Why Do Dogs Roll in Smelly Stuff?

Many dogs especially enjoy rolling in smelly things.

Many dogs go out of their way to roll in smelly stuff… the stinkier, the better, it seems!  Just why do dogs get such joy from rolling in bad-smelling things, anyway?  While there are many theories, most agree that Fido instinctively does this to hide or mask his own smell.  In the wild, this practice would allow him to sneak up on prey without being detected as easily, making him a more successful hunter.

When your dog rolls in what is, to his nose, a delicious scent, he thinks he has done something great.  Disciplining your dog after he has already rolled in the offending substance will not help, and will only confuse your dog.  It is best to monitor your dog when he is outside so you can stop him before he begins the behavior.

Once your dog has already rolled in something smelly, shampoo him in a dog shampoo specially formulated to remove odors such as Be Super Clean Shampoo.  However, be aware that some dogs especially love to roll around immediately after being shampooed!

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