Why Does My Cat…Head for the Person Who Dislikes Cats?

In the animal world, a direct stare can be a sign of aggression.

In a room full of people eager to pet a cat, the cat almost invariably heads toward the one person in the room who doesn’t like cats. Why do cats do this? Cats do not usually like direct eye contact because, in the animal world, it is a sign of dominance. A prolonged stare from one cat to another is usually perceived as threatening behavior. If you stare at a cat that is not familiar with you, he is likely to run away. Therefore, the cat will tend to avoid people exhibiting the “threatening” behavior, and instead prefers the person ignoring him and not making eye contact.

However, most cats are comfortable looking directly at people and other cats that they know.  A cat may give a slow eye blink to another cat to signal that they are not a threat. If your cat looks directly at you and gives you the slow eye blink, be flattered! This is the feline version of a kiss. Try looking into your cat’s eyes and returning the blink.

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