Why Does My Cat Knead?

Adult cats usually knead when they fee content, secure and happy.

When your cat is relaxing in your lap, you may notice her making rhythmic kneading motions with her front paws.  Sometimes referred to as “making biscuits,” while your cat is kneading, she oftentimes will purr and maybe even drool.   There are different theories regarding this behavior, but most believe kneading relates back to when your cat was a kitten, and kneading the mother cat stimulated the milk flow.

Adult cats find this behavior to be comforting, and they usually knead when they feel content, secure and happy.  Cats seem to most enjoy kneading on soft fabrics, and softer areas on their person such as the stomach.   Since some cats can be quite enthusiastic kneaders, keeping your cat’s claws trimmed will prevent your clothing from becoming snagged.

Cats also have scent gland in their pads of their feet, so your cat is likely also saying “you belong to me!”  Kneading is usually considered a gesture of affection, so consider yourself lucky if you have “kneady” cat!

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