The Yellow Dog Project

Have you ever seen a dog with a yellow ribbon tied to the leash? You might soon, and you should know what to do when you see the yellow ribbon. The Yellow Dog Project is a global movement designed to help raise awareness of dogs that need space. A dog might need space for many reasons such as health issues, dogs in training or being rehabilitated, or simply because the dog is scared or reactive around other dogs. This initiative began in Sweden in June of this year and has been quickly expanding to other countries, including the U.S.

What to do? If you see a dog with a yellow ribbon or something yellow attached to the leash, do not approach the dog.  If you are walking your dog, do not allow your own dog to approach this dog, either. You can also help by spreading the word about The Yellow Dog Project to other pet parents so they are aware of this movement. This simple idea can make a big difference in the lives of these good dogs that just need a little extra space.

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