Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution: OTC Relief for Your Pet’s Ear Infections

Ear problems are a common reason for veterinary visits and, when chronic, can be a frustrating problem. Both dogs and cats can get ear infections, although ear infections are much more common in dogs, and especially in floppy-eared breeds of dogs such as Beagles and Cocker Spaniels. And, because swimming and frequent bathing can lead to ear infections, this is an even more common problem in the summer months. The most frequent causes of ear infections in dogs are bacteria and yeast, while the most frequent cause of ear infections in cats is ear mites.

Signs of an ear infection in your pet may include: excessive scratching of or pawing at the ears; foul-smelling discharge from the ear; redness, swelling or tenderness of the ear; tilting or shaking of the head.  If you are not sure whether your pet has an ear infection, we recommend that you consult with your veterinarian. However, many pet guardians with dogs or cats that experience recurrent ear infections are very familiar with the symptoms. If this is the case, Zymox Enzymatic Ear Solution is an effective solution to treat bacterial, fungal and yeast infections of the ears, and does not require a prescription.

Zymox may be used for either dogs or cats and treats both acute and chronic ear infections.  It is not an antibiotic; rather, Zymox uses an antimicrobial enzyme system that contains a combination of thee enzymes that are naturally found in milk: lactoperoxidase, lysozyme, and lactoferrin. These enzymes work together to create a powerful anti-microbial effect.

Zymox Enzymatic Solution with Hydrocortisone is also available in a formulation without added Hydrocortisone, and comes in 1.25 ounce and 4 ounce sizes. Hydrocortisone is a powerful anti-inflammatory and will help if your dog or cat has itchy, irritated or inflamed ears. Zymox should not be used if your pet has a ruptured eardrum, and Zymox with Hydrocortisone should not be used on pregnant or lactating pets.

Zymox is simple to use, and there is no need to clean your pet’s ears before application as this product acts as a cleaner and medication in one. In fact, using an ear cleansing solution may interfere with the enzyme activity of the product.  To use this product, apply liberally to your pet’s ear canal and gently massage the base of the ear to distribute the product. Wipe to remove excess, or allow your pet to shake its head to remove excess medication. If your pet has an acute ear infection, apply daily or seven days; for chronic ear infections, apply daily for 14 days.

There are no known side-effects of Zymox.  If your pet’s symptoms persist after using Zymox, discontinue use and consult with your veterinarian.

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  • kathleen lee says:

    where do I find the above mentioned treatment in my area? I shop in Astoria, or. and warrenton, or. is there any place locally I can buy the stuff? I can’t afford a vet bill and the ear infected is a recurring infection.

  • Erin Gleeson says:

    Hi Kathleen, we sell it on our main website. You can order it to ship directly to you and as it is an over-the-counter product, you do not need a vet’s prescription. Zymox can be purchased here: http://www.1800petmeds.com/Zymox+Otic+Enzymatic+Solution+with+Hydrocortisone-prod10622.html

  • Ann says:

    Does Zymox treat ear mites?

  • Abby Rosenberg says:

    Hi Ann. Zymox Otic does not treat ear mites. It’s for acute and chronic inflammation caused by bacterial, fungal, and yeast infections. Eradimite is an over-the-counter ear mite treatment.

  • Carol Shafer says:

    I just bought Zymox Otic HC 1.0% have used it twice. My dog seem to not be able to hear. Is this a common problem? Very worried.

  • Erin Gleeson says:

    Hi Carol, Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution with Hydrocortisone has no reported side effects, and we haven’t come across any reports of hearing loss after use. However, chronic ear infections can result in hearing loss. I would suggest bringing your dog to the vet for a check-up if you’re concerned about his/her hearing!

  • My dog Myrin is being continually suffering from ear yeast infection. I have been taking him to vet at least twice a month and he even prescribed medication. Finally I posted a message on face on a group called Love my dog and several people recommended me zymox. I’m praying so hard that this would work for my dog.🙏
    I’ll keep you posted!

  • Margot Erhardt says:

    I took my dog in for a routine check up the vet said he had some wax build up in his ears. She had me use zymox for 7 days, now my dog has hearing loss, he can’t seem to hear anything. Very worried. Called vet and she said wait a few days, it’s been 2 days and I don’t see a change. Will his hearing come back?

  • j fran baird says:

    My vet prescribed Zymox for a mild infection in my dogs ears. I used it on her once a day for one week. She is now deaf. I see by one msg. that I am not the only one to have that result. Will my dachshund’s hearing return?

  • j fran baird says:

    My dog went deaf after use of zymox for one week

  • j fran baird says:

    don’t know what else you need

  • Clare furbey says:

    Is zymox otic with NO hydrocortisone safe to use on pregnant dog

  • Demeter's Mom says:

    I treated our puppy for yeast infection of both ears. At the end of 7 days ears looked great. No grayish gunk, no scratching. Now, less than a week later, her ears are overflowing with chunky gray goo and c lumps of yellow on outside of her ears. What’s going on?

  • Ashley Eicholtz says:

    My dog has been suffering from ear infections for the past year… we will get it cleared up and then a month later it’s back again. After doing some research I decided to try Zymox… Last night was his first dose and he fought me to put it in his ear because he was in pain, but we got it in there and almost immediately I could tell he was feeling some relief because he stopped fighting me and allowed me to put more in his ear and for the first time in months he allowed me to actually touch his ear without him growling at me, so clearly it instantly helped with the pain… this morning I took a peak in his ears and they look so much better already… not as red and a lot of the dirt and ear wax has magically disappeared. I am so pleased with this medication. The vet did some oral medicine due to him fighting us with his ears, so it would clear up the infection but didn’t solve the dirty ear problem… so I am much more impressed with this product compared to my multiple $100 vet visits. I highly recommend giving this a try!

  • William Christy says:

    The directions say apply liberally to the ear canal. How much or how many drops of Zymox is considered a liberal amount for an adult English Bulldog?

  • Patrick N. says:

    I thought of Zymox, but it doesn’t kill the ear mites! In addition, it’s extremely difficult to use a liquid medication in my dog’s ear. Once in a while, I succeed in putting a different treatment in his ear, but on only one ear. If I use Zymox, and can’t use it daily, will it cause any resistance against the medication?! It’s impossible to use it daily, let alone treating both ears!

  • Marsha Greco says:

    Our dog is deaf too after using Zymox.

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